Universal Spring Winder

SKU 14009

Make your own perfect springs!

Tension or compression springs, electrical coils, etc., of any length or inside diameter made quickly and simply without the expense of setting up special machinery.


  • Wire being fed through the handle ensures absolute safety in operation.
  • The tension of the wire can be easily adjusted both before and, if required, during actual operation.
  • Any thickness of wire can be used up to 3/16" dia.
  • Distance between the separate turns of the spring can be preselected and fixed in a reliable manner.
  • Compact in design and easy in operation.

Simple to Use

  • Select a mandrel to suit the desired inside diameter and length of the component to be made allowing for the fact that there is a tendency for the completed spring or coil to relax slightly when removed from the mandrel.
  • Slacken the knurled out of the Spring Winder, feed the wire through the hole in the handle and in the spindle then between the steel disc and the plastic disc.
  • Grip one end of the mandrel with the end of the wire in the chuck of a lathe.
  • Turn the chuck very slowly by hand and adjust the pressure between the tow discs with the knurled nut.
  • Set the lathe to the slowest speed available and switch on.