For more than fifty years we at Flexbar® have led the way in offering unique and innovative products. Our products range from our world famous metrology grade replica and casting materials, Reprorubber® and Facsimile®, precision gages and testers, industrial borescopes, optical and video inspection/measurement systems and machine safety guards.

The vast majority of products contained within our catalog are designed and manufactured by Flexbar® or are Quality Manufactured in the U.S.A. In addition, we are proud to represent some of the world’s finest manufacturers of precision industrial products.

Above and beyond our extensive product offering, we at Flexbar® are committed to working with you, the customer, in providing innovative solutions to your special applications and requirements. Throughout the U.S. and abroad, our network of trained industrial distributors stand ready to handle sales and service for the complete line of Flexbar® products.

Jon Adler, President/CEO