Electrical Interlocking Mounting Bracket (E.I.M.B.)

SKU 17001

This device replaces the existing mounting bracket when an automatic shutoff is needed for lathe operations. Electrical Interlocking Mounting Brackets (E.I.M.B.) can beused with any Flexbar Latheguards or Small Chuckguards. Available in 4 different mounting styles, the E.I.M.B. units will ensure safe operations by requiring that the guard is down before the machine can be turned on.

Available in 4 Different Mounting Styles: Bright yellow painted finish.


Style 1Model No. 17001- mount at back of lathe. For all shield sizes.
Style 2Model No. 17002 - telescoping & swiveling style. For lathes with irregular or dome-shaped headstock, E.G. -Hardinge. For all shield sizes.
Style 3Model No. 17003 - Mounts on face of headstock. Backplate can be reversed 180° on housing thus flange position can be on right or on left side, if reversed. All shield sizes.

Style 4Model No. 17004 - Top mounting for flat top headstock. All shield sizes. Note: observing the lathe structure and taking a few measurements makes proper selection easy.



Dimensions of rectangular box portion of E.I.M.B.:

Approx. 6⅝ in.  x  2⅜ in.  x  1⅝ in. 

(168mm x 60mm x 41.3mm)



Functioning: Once wired to motor-control circuit (motor starter), the cam-operated limit switch opens the contacts when the safety shield is tilted up... and the machine stops running.


Limit Switch:
  • Roller Type
  • Roller and head are metal in sealed plastic housing
  • Electrical life - 1 million cycles
  • Mechanical Life- 30 million cycles
  • NEMA 4 rated
  • Approvals: UP A300, UL E140497, CSA A 300 & CSA LR26716 M20
  • Snap acting SPDT INO-INC with double break ensures switch will open in event of minor contact welding
  • Contact block & roller head are modular hence replaceable without discarding entire device



Electrical Conduit:

  • Extremely flexible and withstands repeated flexing
  • UL Recognized - exceeds industry standards
  • Liquid tight vs. oil, water and most chemicals



Included with each EIMB model:

  • Electrical Interlock Box with safety limit switch, wiring and mounting bracket with locking knob.
  • Special latheguard tube
  • Wiring diagram