Electrical Interlocking Mounting Bracket (E.I.M.B.)

SKU 17001

Electrical Interlocking Mounting Brackets. For use with all Flexbar®  Latheguards and Small Chuckguards.
Available in 4 Different Mounting Styles: Bright yellow painted finish.


Style 1Model No. 17001- mount at back of lathe. For all shield sizes.
Style 2Model No. 17002 - telescoping & swiveling style. For lathes with irregular or dome-shaped headstock, E.G. -Hardinge. For all shield sizes.
Style 3Model No. 17003 - Mounts on face of headstock. Backplate can be reversed 180° on housing thus flange position can be on right or on left side, if reversed. All shield sizes.

Style 4Model No. 17004 - Top mounting for flat top headstock. All shield sizes. Note: observing the lathe structure and taking a few measurements makes proper selection easy.



Dimensions of rectangular box portion of E.I.M.B.:

Approx. 6⅝ in.  x  2⅜ in.  x  1⅝ in. 

(168mm x 60mm x 41.3mm)



Functioning: Once wired to motor-control circuit (motor starter), the cam-operated limit switch opens the contacts when the safety shield is tilted up... and the machine stops running.


Limit Switch:
  • Roller Type
  • Roller and head are metal in sealed plastic housing
  • Electrical life - 1 million cycles
  • Mechanical Life- 30 million cycles
  • NEMA 4 rated
  • Approvals: UP A300, UL E140497, CSA A 300 & CSA LR26716 M20
  • Snap acting SPDT INO-INC with double break ensures switch will open in event of minor contact welding
  • Contact block & roller head are modular hence replaceable without discarding entire device



Electrical Conduit:

  • Extremely flexible and withstands repeated flexing
  • UL Recognized - exceeds industry standards
  • Liquid tight vs. oil, water and most chemicals



Included with each EIMB model:

  • Electrical Interlock Box with safety limit switch, wiring and mounting bracket with locking knob.
  • Special latheguard tube
  • Wiring diagram