Bench Top Hardness Tester

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This hardness tester comprises the very best in "state of the art" design coupled with dynamic precision. It is easy to operate yet engineered  to obtain highly sensitive and accurate readings. A perfect, rugged performer suited for almost any environment including heat treat facilities, tool rooms, workshops, laboratories and inspection labs.

  • C-scale Diamond Indentor
  • 1/16" Ball Indentor
  • 3-HRC Test Blocks.
  • 1-HRB Test Block
  • 1-HRA Test Block
  • Test Table 5.87" (150mm)
  • Flat Anvil 2.5" (63mm)
  • Spot Anvil .38" (10mm)
  • Std. Vee Anvil
  • H/D Accessory Case
  • Dust Cover 
Minor Load: 10Kgf
Major Load: 60Kgf, 100Kgf, 150Kgf
Test Force Application: Dead Weight
Test Force Control: Hydraulic Dashpot System
Results Display: Analog Dial Gage
Vertical Capacity: 6.7in.
Throat Depth: 6.6in.
Height: 30.0in.
Width: 8.50in
Depth: 20.0 in.
Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.