Flexbar® Sensing-Saf-Start®

SKU 17023

The inexpensive solution to OSHA.
Anti-automatic restart protection without the high cost of magnetic motor starters.


Product Types

Now available in multiple extension cord style or hard wire versions.

Operating Characteristics
When a SENSING-SAF-START® is installed on any equipment and there is an electrical power interruption to the equipment, the SENSING-SAF-START® will open the circuit so when the power source is restored, the SENSING-SAF-START® will prevent the equipment from restarting. The SENSING-SAF-START® will not reset until the equipment switch has been turned "off". There is a sensing circuit within the new SENSING-SAF-START® that sends a signal up to the equipment switch to see if it is in the "on" position. If the switch is still "on", the SENSING-SAF-START® sounds a warning buzz when the reset button is depressed, and it will not close the circuit until the equipment switch is turned "off". Only then, the SENSING-SAF-START® will close the circuit , so the equipment will operate again.

Installs in minutes on:

  • drill presses
  • disc sanders
  • tool grinders
  • table saws
  • cut-off machines
  • power hacksaws
  • band saws
  • belt sanders
  • small milling machines
  • radial arm saws