Slide-Track Latheguard™

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Minor & Major Slide-Track Latheguards The "Minor" Slide-Track Latheguard features two (2) ³/₁₆" thick LEXAN® windows. Being situated on the top and front inclined panels, these windows provide excellent visibility for the operator. The front panel hinges up to allow access to the controls and settings of the machine - The "Minor" is designed to guard lathes having chucks ranging from 10" diameter up to 24" diameters. (Model No. 13079 & 13080)

The "Major" Slide-Track Latheguard provides maximum operator protection on standard machines or large CNC lathes with chucks ranging up to 48" diameter. These guards incorporate one LEXAN® front panel window and do not require a top window. (Model No. 13081-13084)  


Specifications and Ordering:

You can now install a professional heavy-duty guard on any size lathe. Simply screw the 4 pillar posts supplied at 4 sites around the headstock and then slip on the track assembly chassis. Now mount the shield. Pillar posts, in relation to cross-members are adjustable vertically hence easily positioned around the headstock without interference. All hardware is included with easy-to-follow instructions.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions