Facsimile Release Agent

SKU 16200

Clone Any Part Quickly With Facsimile Quick-Setting Compound

Makes Accurate Reproductions In 6 To 8 Minutes

Facsimile is a special plastic compound kit which is used for duplicating surface flats, roughness and for dimensional transfer of inaccessible locations. Many other applications are listed below and many more in our free 16 page applications booklet.

Please note: This product cannot be shipped internationally.

  • Make duplicates for measuring, such as gages, etc.
  • Test surface geometry, flatness, microfinish, etc.
  • Make permanent records of surface geometry, etc.
  • Make custom holding and nesting fixtures.
  • Make quick jigs.
  • Make excellent stylus patterns.
  • Make instant molds and patterns.
  • Cast small run parts and prototypes.
  • Mask, fill in and seal.
  • Fretting depth of blade dovetails in jet engines.
  • Make potting, bonding and repairing easy.
Important Notes
  • Closer inspection can be performed by allowing the casting to cure in a pressure vessel (15 p.s.i.).
  • Facsimile will not affect the surface of ferrous or non-ferrous materials to which it is applied.
  • When casting in a "CONFINED" area, it is better to cast 1/2 of the internal shape.
  • Remember - when casting without releasing agent, an ACETONE soak removes Facsimile.
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)