Machinable Wax Block

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Use Flexbar Machinable Wax to reduce your costs, time, and risk factors associated with Proofing CNC tooling programs, training CNC programmers or demonstrating CNC machinery and CAD/CAM systems.

Machinable wax, unlike metal, plastic and wood, features all the properties necessary to meet the requirements of CNC and CAD/CAM program proofing. It's very machinable, dimensionally stable, safe to work with and very economical because it is reclaimable and re-machinable.

You can easily machine Flexbar Machine Wax without the need for costly and messy coolants or lubricants, because MACHINABLE WAX is "self-lubricating", "non-abrasive" and it will not fuse when machined at high-end spindle rpm's and feed rates.

Unlike wood or plastic, MACHINABLE WAX will not "gum up" on tool bits. MACHINABLE WAX is not cellular, grainy, or abrasive so "voids" in machined surfaces (common with plastics and wood) and "tool wear" are negligible. Flexbar Machinable Wax will also machine "within designated tolerance" to provide you with a dimensionally accurate prototype that can be assembled for checking.


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