Fixturing Alloy

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1 lb. Cake of Fixturing Alloy

  • Reusable low-temperature melting Alloy (158°F) for supporting thin-walled sections which require machining. No. 15158 does not shrink upon solidification rather it exhibits slight "growth" so that it locks into the part being machined. After machining you simply melt it out in hot water.
  • It melts at 54°F below boiling point of water so that when you go to use it you simply put it in a cast iron, stainless steel or porcelain lined pot and into hot water bath to melt it.
  • Reusable many times
  • No drosses created owing to low heat required prior to pouring it.
  • Anchoring 
  • Chucks, jigs and fixtures
  • Dies and punches
  • Models and patterns

Other uses: 

  • Heat transfer
  • Tempering
  • Sheet plastic curing
  • Vulcanizing
  • Dyeing
  • Tube Bending (replaces other material such as lead, tar,sand and rosin) which have disadvantages such as flammability - difficulty of removal - inadequacy to fill void fully, etc. Plated tubes can be bent without flaking of surface. As a tube filler it allows tubes to be bent-swaged-rolled-or drawn.
  • Reveals pin holes or cracks owing to liquidity of No. 15158, also thin sections revealed by slight expansion of No. 15158 upon solidification.
  • Bending procedures and other data as well as Do's and Don't's included with material.
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use