Horizontal Type Test Indicators

SKU 18598-B

Available in Black Face and Long Point, and 2 Readings/Ranges.



  • Auto-Reversing
  • Accuracy meets or exceeds Federal Specifications
  • Large, easy reading dial with microfine graduations
  • Fully jeweled movement
  • Independent and interchangeable movement
  • Movement is not influenced by any outside pressures
  • Adjustable bezel and dial are easily set to zero
  • Automatic reversing contact point
  • Contact point adjustable 180°
  • The indicating hand is sensitive and quick to respond because of the jeweled bearings featured with all indicators
  • Rugged, one-piece housing
  • Satin chromed finish
  • Universal - 2 dovetails for back and top mounting plus screw-in mounting of stems for greater versatility
  • Furnished with 2 stems, 3/8" and 5/32" dia. including dovetail adapter, wrench, plus .080" dia. hard chromed contact point
  • Complete in fitted box.