DIGI-MET® Electronic Indicator

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Featuring Direct RS232C Output and Swiss SYLVAC electronics. A sophisticated non-contact linear measuring system...can be connected to any computer or printer with no interface necessary. Featuring .00005" (0,001mm) Resolution with ±.00012" Accuracy; Repeatability: 0,003mm/.00012"



  • AGD Group 2, 8mm stem with 3/8" bushing adaptor.
  • Rugged polyamid housing
  • Stainless shank and spindle
  • Tracking speed: 60"/speed
  • Display rotates 270°
  • Top lifting knob
  • Measuring force: 0.6-1.1N
  • Low drain lithium battery: 4500 continuous on time for 2-3 years with on/off switch


  • Direct inch/metric conversion
  • Zero-setting at every point
  • HOLD -function
  • PRESET - function with dual measuring references to ±99.99999.
  • Incremental floating zero. If tool is used fro SPC, the zero button can automatically be configured as a data I/O switch.
  • RS232C opto electronic output
Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use