Caliper & Height Gage Checker

SKU 15930

A Calibration Master for In-House Calibration of Vernier, Dial and Digital Calipers and Height Gages.

Please note: we do not stock these Certified.  Once ordered, delivery is approximately 3 weeks.


Hardened and ground, permanently wrung, high-grade gage blocks are stacked in the rigid housing. All gage blocks are sub-zero treated for dimensional stability. Selected sizes of measuring slips provides for calibration of main scale as well as vernier scales of the instrument


Checking the accuracy of Dial Calipers by external jaw.

Checking the accuracy of Calipers by internal jaw.

  • Accuracy: ±5µm (±.0002")
  • Available in Two Checking Ranges. Lengths to check up to 12" and up to 24".