4-Way Steel Parallels (Matched Pairs)

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  • Made of tool steel hardened to Rc 58-62 and ground in matched pairs on four sides for use where extra precision is required.
  • Pairs are matched in size on the width and height to a tolerance of ±0.0002" on 6,8 and 12" lengths and 0.0003" for longer lengths
  • Total parallelism, straightness over the full length and size tolerance between pieces of a matched pair is 0.0001" on 6 and 8" lengths, 0.0002 on 12" lengths and 0.0003" on longer lengths.
  • Adjacent ground sides are square with each other within 0.0004", except the 6 x ¼ x ¾, 6 x ¼ x ⅜ and 6 x ¼ x ½ sizes, which are square within 0.0005"