Super Wee Block Set

SKU 16096

Smallest V Blocks in the World.

Provides maximum bearing surface.

  • Precision hardened and ground, Wee blocks are within .0002" in both squareness and parallelism
  • Clamps are reversible
  • Blocks and clamping bars are hardened
  • Bridges - clamping screw from the regular Wee Block will contact this part, securely mounting the Mini Wee Block in the V, and not interfering with the part being clamped in the Mini V system.
  • Clamping bars lay on top of the cylinder being fixture in the Mini Wee System. The clamp contacts the finger to hold the workpiece in place.

Ideal for: Holding and indexing pins and punches while grinding, drilling, milling, EDM work (electrodes, etc.). Inspecting parts on optical comparators. Used in conjunction with large V-Blocks or Magnetic V-Blocks.


Complete in fitted case, set includes:

  • 1 each super wee block "A" - capacity .030" - 5/32"
  • 1 each Bridge A (for above)
  • 1 each Super wee block "B" - capacity .050" - 9/32"
  • 1 Bridge B (for above)
  • 1 each Ring Clamp with thumb screw for Block "A"
  • 1 each Ring Clamp with thumb screw for Block "B"
  • 2 each Top Clamping bar - 1/8"
  • 2 each Top Clamping bar - 5/32"
  • 1 each Top Clamping bar - 3/16"