Flexbar Small Chuckguard™

SKU 13250

Designed for Heavy Duty Applications Where A Steel Shield is Recommended on Lathes up to 16" or 20" Diameter.


Designed to guard lathe chucks. These heavy duty chuck guards are for HEAVY DUTY applications where a steel shield is recommended. Flexbar offers two different designs. The "Flexbar Small Chuckguard" are for lathe chucks up to 20". The "Heavy Duty Chuckguard" are for lathe chucks up to 49".

Special Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Cast Mounting bracket supplied (Model No. 13070).
  • Optional Mounting Brackets for various applications are available.
  • Heavy-Duty Chrome-plated Extension Tube and Hardware.
  • Ready to mount; All you do is affix mounting bracket with two screws.
  • Locks in swing away or functional positions.
  • Replacement windows available upon request.