Single Aquaflo®

SKU 14014

Deluxe water-soluble oil dispensers enable you to take even heavy cuts such as in "flycutting". Compact in size,one-knob control instantly starts up and shuts down the nozzle. Spray settles on cutting tool and workpiece; will not clog or fog up your plant. Minimum Air Pressure 25 PSI with Maximum 80 PSI. Built to last.

Single Coolant nozzle comes with bracket for fast attachment on to any ¼" diameter fitting on your machine tool. Supplied with 2 each 4 foot length lines; one NPT fitting air line and one suction hose line. Works with any coolant container (not included). 


Protects against build-up and rubbing off of material. Reduces the amount of necessary cleaning as well as helps maintain quality of cuts.