Reprorubber® Orange Sample Kit

SKU 15995

Flat rate shipping in the US Only is $5.95!  Please note: limit 2 per customer.

Now your can try a sample of our popular Reprorubber® Orange without having to purchase a full-size kit right away.  You will receive 2 samples in each kit along with the Reusable Hand Piece.

Once you have sampled it, you can purchase Reprorubber® Orange in the full-size kit: Model No. 16305.

If you prefer the Single Use Digit, you can purchase the 10 piece or 20 Piece Replacement Digit packages: 16174-10 and 16174-20. The Reusable Hand Piece is already supplied in the Sample Kit.

Clone Any Part Quickly With Reprorubber®

Reprorubber® is an exotic metrology-grade rubber that self-cures in minutes. It creates a virtually perfect replica casting of internal and external forms. Reprorubber® is excellent for checking parts with optical comparators, is non-toxic, easy to use, never requires a release agent and is 100 times faster than RTV silicons.

Convenient, easy to use. Quick replicas with zero shrinkage.