Quick-Check Portable Hardness Testers

SKU 17295

A quick & easy checking gage for flat workpieces. Ideal for spot or production checking.

  • Pocket size - length is 9¼", weight is 4 oz.
  • Precise reading in Rockwell C scale - Pretested for positive release and dependable accuracy. No moving parts to get out of adjustment. Accuracy ±2 Rockwell points.
  • Covers the entire range of heat treated steel from 20 Rc to 65 Rc of the Rockwell C scale.
  • The piece to be checked should have a section size of 1" square or more and at least ½" Thick.
  • Convenient for hardness testing on your surface plate, your work bench or office desk.
  • Will not mar the surface of heat treated parts.
  • Includes carrying case.

Note: Unit must be used in vertical position only.