Provision 18" Fiberoptic Inspection Tool

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The new and innovative Flexbar ProVision offers a low cost solution to a variety of inspection applications. The fiberoptic flexible cable fits into holes as small as ½ in. and the high resolution lens provides a clear image of objects as close as ⅛ in. and over one foot away while offering a 400° field of view.


A powerful lamp illuminates dark crevices on-demand with the push of a button conveniently located on the handle. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold and allows one-handed focusing and light activation.

Rugged and water-resistant, ProVision is made of high impact ABS and flexible cable sheathing that obediently stays in a set position. Adjust the cable into any position and it will stay fixed in place, until you decideto change it. This feature permits one-handed operation - freeing your other hand to work!


Cable Length: 18"

Cable Diameter: .4"

Field of View: 40 Degrees

Lamp Volts: 2.5v