Precision Inch Reading Dial Test Indicators

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Made in Germany - Shock Resistant

All features of the models reading up to .04" measuring range conform analogous to the German Standard DIN 2270. This applies to all deviation spans, the measuring force and the hysteresis error of the measuring force.

  • Automatic change of the measuring force.
  • Indication clockwise in all types.
  • Non-Magnetic. Reading not influenced by ordinary magnetic fields.
  • Precise components, running in ceramic bearings, warrant highest precision throughout.
  • Precision bearing for the lever shaft.
  • Body with 3 dovetail slides for clamping the stem and other equipment.
  • Body hard-chromed in order to protect the dovetail slides against damage.
  • Contact points with tungsten carbide ball 2mm +.
  • Dial adjustable by knurled bezel.
  • Supplied in tasteful boxes with transparent cover with 1 stem + 1/4" and 1 spanner for changing the feelers.