Precision Dial Calipers

SKU 16278

Now Available in both Inch and Metric Models.

Inch Models Available in 4", 6", 8" and 12" Ranges.
Metric Models Available in 150mm, 200mm and 300mm Ranges.


Features a thumbroll for rapid setting and easy adjustment.

Smooth, precise feel and accuracy.

Stainless Steel - Hardened and Precision Ground Throughout.

  • Dial hand completes one revolution per each .100"; large dial means wider-spaced, easy-to-read graduations.
  • Inverted covered rack helps prevent excess dirt accumulation in rack gear teeth to ensure long caliper life.
  • Exclusive dual pinion drive mechanism reduces wear on rack and pinion.
  • Adjustable dial reads directly to .001"/0.02mm.
  • Features outside, inside and depth measurements.
  • Beam is graduated in .10" increments for easy reference points.
  • Self-contained movement eliminates gear misalignment.
  • Hardened stainless steel throughout with measuring faces precision-ground and micro-lapped for exceptional accuracy.
  • Knurled lock assures precise settings.
  • Accuracy = .001"/0.02mm.
  • Depth of jaws: Model No. 16226 = 1 3/16", 16287 = 1.6"; Model No. 16279 = 2". Extra length of jaws ensures squareness & perfect alignment.
  • A raised bearing surface for sliding jaw eliminates wear & defacement of graduations on the beam.
  • Price includes a fitted case.