Optiflex MLX-2000

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Opti-Flex MLX-3000 Series systems features a touchscreen monitor with geometric edge select tools. The powerful MetLogix M3 measuring software installed in the CPU is program ready and easy to use.

Solid granite frame and column guarantees
strength, accuracy and stability


System Features

  • Solid granite frame guarantees accuracy & stability
  • Superb full color hi-resolution 1080p image with zoom optics & LCD monitor
  • Image capture allows for snapshots or movie
  • Removable SD memory card
  • Internal multicolored (4x) crossline generator
  • Adjustable lens mount dovetail on Granite Z column
  • Tooling holes on stage plate for fixturing
  • Precision 8” x 4” or 12” x 12” crossed roller bearing stages are available
  • LED lighting available
  • Available Z-Axis measurement upgrade

M3 Software Features 

  • Geometric functions
  • Optical + video edge detection
  • XY, XYZ, or XYQ axis support
  • Data reporting / export
  • Partview display
  • Part programming and playback
  • Toleranging
  • Feature annotation
  • Video image archive
  • Image mark up
  • Optional DFX based overlay part inspection (available add-on - see next page)