Long Reach Visorguard™

SKU 13050

For large milling machines (vertical and horizontal) and Unguarded machines including CNC's.

We took a standard Visorguard and made a new body which attaches to a 1" diameter tube 30 inches long. The tube slip fits into our No. 13068 mounting bracket which is included in the device. The 30 inch tube plus the Flexbar Flexarm length provides 40 inches of reach. The extension tube is retractable in the socket of the mounting bracket so that it can be set up for smaller distances from point of attachment to the ideal setting of the Visorguard shield.

Provides Complete Protection Between Cutting Tool and Operator

  1. Flexbar arm permits setting of Visorguard at the correct height and angle for each setup.
  2. Flip shield up to load part and down for machining.
  3. Special spring-loaded shaft makes shield stay put - no springback.
  4. Wing-shaped shield protects workers at adjacent machines.
  5. Flexbar locks rigid; has stainless air-craft grade tension cable.
  6. Can be installed in minutes on CNC mills, conventional milling machines and drill presses.
  7. 30" Long Reach tube provides the adjustability allowing for up to 40" of protection.