Latheguard-LED - Medium - 12V Rechargeable Battery Pack

SKU 13187


    Protection with Productivity now featuring Built-In Illumination. 

    Clear LEXAN, Semi-Circular Wrap-a-round Guards with Continuous LED strip 

    • Puts out 6000K natural white light
    • 170 degree beam angle, auto-diffuse with no LED light hot spots
    • Water and Coolant proof
    • System is powered by 12V 2500mAh Rechargeable battery pack with on/off switch - providing 4 hours of light per charge. With 24" cable, velcro set and 12V charger (Also available with 12V direct wire wall transformer with 8ft. cable and on/off switch Model No. 13182)

      - Heavy duty cast mounting bracket supplied
      - Heavy duty chrome-plated extension tube and hardware
      - Ready to mount; all you do is affix mounting bracket with two screws.
      - Back of shield is reinforced with plated wire form housing
      - Locks in swing away or functional positions
      - Accepts 3 or 4 jaw chucks

    All Latheguards supplied with a 13070 Mounting Bracket.