IPD Gaging System

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Supplied with one set of standard points for ID measurement only.

A versatile measurement system for internal pitch diameters, as well as internal bores, grooves, recesses and internal gears.


Major Features:

  • With this new concept, accurate measurements of internal threads and compensation calculations for ball diameter variations or lead angles are made extremely simple.
  • The software diskettes supplied with the IPD gage can be used in any compatible PC to obtain all data required for accurate inspection of any specific internal thread without the necessity of a master gage.
  • Easy to set IPD gage with micrometer or gage blocks, etc.
  • Universal, can be used as general purpose internal gage for measuring bores, grooves, and pitch diameters of screw threads and internal gears etc.
  • Indicator alone, with the included adapter, extensions and contact points, make it possible to measure internal threads and bores from 7½" to 18"
  • Rigid construction plus special high precision pivot bearings assure repeatability of .0002" or less.
  • Adjustable contact pressure
  • Carbide ball contact points are optional, not included.
  • System includes internal gage, 1" travel indicator, indicator-adapter, 8 extensions (¼",⅜",½",¾",1", 2", 3" and 4" long), measuring tip organizer, 2 standard contact points ¼" long, allen wrench, fitted case plus software cassette for internal pitch diameter threads and instruction manual.

User Friendly- On screen explanation, no commands to remember. Error free data entry, will detect invalid input data.

Universal- Supports UN series and metric threads as well as threads with user defined thread angle and number of starts for ACME, Whitworth, and multiple start threads.


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