Flexbar P.D. Check™

SKU 16707

Thread Wire Attachment System


The first new breakthrough in measuring threads using the three wire method in 35 years!
Invented by a U.S. machinist looking for an accurate and inexpensive way to check threads! Makes thread triangles, thread MIC's and all other current methods obsolete!


  • Fits all MIC's with .245 to .312 Anvils.
  • No More Lost Thread Wires in the Chip Pans.
  • Specifically designed for Rapid and Accurate Measurement.
  • Each Part fits 2 sizes of Wires.

Set of 5 Color-Coded Holders

Includes: .018-.022" (Purple), .024" -.032" (Blue), .040-.045" (Yellow), .055-.063" (Green), .072-.081" (Red)

  1. Select the Proper Size wires.
  2. Match the Wire Size with the Proper P.D. Check™
  3. Slip Two Wires in the Holder.
  4. Now Place the Holder on the MIC's Anvil.
  5. Hold the Micrometer in one Hand and the Third Wire in the other.
  6. Check the Threads.