Flexbar Digital Shore Durometers

SKU 18880

Available in Shore "A" and "D".

(Shore "A" for Soft Rubber, Soft Metals, Waxes, etc.)

(Shore "D" for Plastics and Hard Rubber.)


These testers are crafted and engineered to perform at the highest level of accuracy. An ergonomic and attractive design combined with lightweight assists in taking precise hardness measurements of rubbers, plastics, waxes, etc.

  • Measurement Range: 0-100HSA
  • Deviation: <1%H
  • Resolution: 0.1H
  • Repeatability: 20-90 HSA <+/-1 H
  • Conforms to Standards: ASTM D-2240, ISO 7619, DIN 53505
  • Peak Value Lock In: YES
  • Statistics: Mean, Min, Max, No. of Measurements and Deviation
  • RS232 Output: Yes
  • Power Supply: 4 X AAA
Set Up Instructions

Set Up Instructions