Flexbar DIGI-BASCOM Universal Measuring Tool

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Highly Accurate Multi-Use Sliding Gage with Micrometric Adjustment Carriage Mechanism with Dial Gage (Inch or Metric).


  • Manufactured from special alloy and stainless steel
  • Sylvac Digital Electronic Scale with RS232 output
  • Can be set up for both inside and outside measurements using a range of interchangeable ball or point contact ends
  • Gage is easily zeroed and set using any ring gage in the measuring range
  • All Calipers come in fitted wooden case.

Each gauge is equipped with two cylindrical supports that can be applied to the jaws at 5mm. intervals On the moveable jaw blade it can be replaced by a special support (included) that makes the instrument more stable and the reading more precise.

Applications Include

Inside and Outside measurement of:

  • Diameters
  • Gear Tooth
  • Threads
  • Grooves
  • V Guides


Capacity (mm): 20-200

Capacity (inch): .800-8"

Guide Section: 18 x 4mm

Graduations: .0005"/0.01mm

Tolerance: .001"/0.02mm



Capacity (mm): 24-300

Capacity (inch): .95-12"

Guide Section: 22 x 5mm

Graduations: .0005"/0.01mm

Tolerance: .001"/0.02mm