Flexbar Chuckguard™

SKU 13056

Made of 14 Gauge Steel for Chucks up to 49" Diameter

Large Diameter Chucks are, by themselves DANGEROUS! (Even more so at high speed settings.) Chuckguards protects the operator and the "passer-by" from serious injuries.

Also available - Extra Large Capacity Chuckguard. Custom built heavy duty gauge steel chuck shield available for very large diameter chucks up to 74". Contact Flexbar Customer service for more information.


Designed to guard lathe chucks. These heavy duty chuck guards are for HEAVY DUTY applications where a steel shield is recommended. Flexbar offers two different designs. The "Flexbar Small Chuckguard" are for lathe chucks up to 20". The "Heavy Duty Chuckguard" are for lathe chucks up to 49".

  • Hinged front panel allows easy access to the chuck
  • LEXAN® window for easy viewing
  • Comes complete with mounting bracket and support bar for mounting on headstock
  • Bright safety painted finish
  • Exceeds O.S.H.A. requirements
  • Replacement windows available upon request


Mounting Instructions