Epoxy Parfilm

SKU 16136

A highly effective Release Agent for users of Facsimilie.  Non-CFC, Non-VOC formula.

Epoxy Parfilm is the culmination of a search for a suitable release agent for epoxies.

The highly effective, very thin film obtainable from Epoxy Parfilm Release is non-melting and will not carbonize. This makes it suitable for use with exothermic cures, such as Facsimile "measure-image" replication compound.

Epoxy Parfilm offers better release than polyvinyl alcohol and wax with a much thinner film application. 

Epoxy Parfilm can be applied quickly with the easily operated directional valve which is standard.

Epoxy Parfilm is non-combustible, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Contains NO CHLORINATED SOLVENTS!

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)