DIGI-Fiber Electronic Vernier Caliper

SKU 19410

Models ranging from 40"/1000mm to 120"/3000mm.


Balanced & Light Weight Construction For Highly Accurate Reading.

The new Flexbar Digi-Fiber Calipers are constructed with light weight, high strength materials making them easy to handle for high accuracy measurements. The jaws are a "Niploy" coated light alloy with hardened "TIN" coated stainless measuring faces. The mainframe is in Carbon Fiber with slides in plated steel and bronze gibs.

  • .0005"/.01mm Resolution
  • Measuring Ranges Up to 120"/3000mm
  • Jaw Depths Up to 12"/300mm
  • IP54 Protection
  • Swiss Sylvac Electronics with RS232 Output
  • All Calipers come in fitted wooden case.