Chamfer Gages

SKU 16340

A variety of gages for quality control to check all facets of the jobs running on your shop floor. Never miss a tolerance check, in process inspection call out, or customer specification again.

  • Instant measuring of chamfers and tapered hole diameters.
  • Direct diameter reading to .001". - Metric units for reading to 0,01mm.
  • Hardened and precision ground 3-blade steel plunger assures high accuracy and repeatability.
  • No setting masters required - zero on surface plate - to reading on gage.
To Use
Use the chamfer gage to measure the Diameter of tapered holes directly to 3 decimal places. Use on any tapered hole that has an included angle less than the angle printed on the dial face.

TO USE: Hold just above the large body diameter. Insert 3 blade plunger into hole. Press gage firmly against part . Twist slightly to centralize.