Belt Sanding Comparator

SKU 16044-CAL

Surface Roughness (texture) comparison standards. Made of solid electroformed nickel.

The largest variety of standards available for assessing and specifying, by symbol, the degree of roughness of machined parts - including every machining method known.


Every Obtainable Value

  • 15 different sets available
  • Each value size is 16mm x 25mm (or 5/8" x 1")
  • Overall dimensions of each plate 52mm x 128mm (or 2 1/16" x 5")
  • Light in weight - can be carried in pocket. Supplied in a plastic wallet.

Machining Method: Belt Sanding
No. of Specimens: 6
Range Ra µm: 0.10-3.2
Range AA µ": 4,8,16,32,63,125
N Numbers: 3-8