Ball Bearing "V" Block

SKU 16097

...Overcomes Production or Set-Up Difficulties Inherent in Plain V-Blocks. Overcomes Geometric Limitations.

Enables you to inspect and detect out-of-round conditions and lobes with no damage to parts and no damage to blocks

Sold without clamps. Complete with Test Ball.

  • Accuracy of Balls: 25 millionth of an inch sphericity on small and medium set. 50 millionths of an inch on large set.
  • Overall accuracy of matched pairs +/-5 microns.
  • Balls Rockwell C-62 - Surface finish 0.2 microinches.
  • Calibrated balls are certified.
  • Class 40 cast iron, used on base and housing, is heat stabilized and seasoned.
  • Spacers are hardened through and precision ground by pairs.
  • Pair of blocks assembled using metrology equipment.

Available in 3 sizes with ranges of: 3/64" - 2 1/2"; 3/22"-5"; 3/16"-15".

Sold in matched pairs complete with clamps (for use when machining).


  • Balls undergo slight elastic deformation when parts are loaded on. Hence parts will not be damaged while being inspected or produced.
  • Detection of lobes and superimposed lobes made easy.
  • Easy readjustment of balls which provide new bearing points.
  • Handles diameters up to 15 inches.
  • Increased contact area due to special geometric spacing of balls in blocks.
  • 8 contact points per pair of blocks share load distribution.
  • Balls are self-aligning and hard wearing.
  • 1 each precision spacer per block provides 2 different angles per pair.
  • Simply turn each block 90° and inspect component using both angles.
  • Special inspection set ups using cylinder squares now possible.
Important Note

Balls Are Fixed In Blocks And Are Not Designed To Rotate In Use.