Advanced Function Toolmaker's Microscope Systems

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Offering enhanced capabilities not found in traditional toolmaker's microscope systems. Utilizing a compact frame with a precision X-Y stage, high resolution readout scales are connected to a multifunction Geometric  Readout box allowing for a wide range of measurement parameters not found in standard micrometer head style systems.

Model Types

Available as a Basic TMX System, Video/Camera Ready System, Tablet Camera System, and a Widescreen Video System. 


Wide Screen Video System with 8x to 50x Trinocular Microscope Head with 1080P HDMI Advanced Function Camera and 23" Widescreen HDMI monitor.

Components Included

  • Precision machined aluminum alloy Z-column and base with adjustable Z-Axis microscope F-Holder
  • 4" x 2" (100mm x 50mm) (x-y) crossroller based staging, open frame design
  • 1 micron X-Y  Heidenhain scales
  • 2 Axis Digital Readout Box with measurement functions
  • DRO Positioning arm, ambidextrous
  • High Quality Optics Basic or Trinocular Microscope Head with 10X eyepieces and Crosshair reticle
  • Adjustable LED Ring Light with controller