Advanced Function Toolmaker's Microscope Systems


Offering enhanced capabilities not found in traditional toolmaker's microscope systems. Utilizing a compact frame with a precision X-Y stage, high resolution readout scales are connected to a multifunction Geometric  Readout box allowing for a wide range of measurement parameters not found in standard micrometer head style systems.

Model Types

Available as a Basic TMX System, Video/Camera Ready System, Tablet Camera System, and a Widescreen Video System. 

Basic System (no video capability) with 7x to 30x Binocular Microscope Head.

Video/Camera Ready System with 8x to 50x Trinocular Microscope Head with C-Mount camera tube. (System does not include camera or monitor).

 System includes: 8X to 50X Trinocular Microscope Head with 10" Tablet PC and 5MP Camera with Image Capture and Analysis Software.

Wide Screen Video System with 8x to 50x Trinocular Microscope Head with 1080P HDMI Advanced Function Camera and 23" Widescreen HDMI monitor.

Components Included
  • Precision machined aluminum alloy Z-column and base with adjustable Z-Axis microscope F-Holder
  • 4" x 2" (100mm x 50mm) (x-y) crossroller based staging, open frame design
  • 1 micron X-Y  Heidenhain scales
  • 2 Axis Digital Readout Box with measurement functions
  • DRO Positioning arm, ambidextrous
  • High Quality Optics Basic or Trinocular Microscope Head with 10X eyepieces and Crosshair reticle
  • Adjustable LED Ring Light with controller

Toolmaker's Microscope Systems Brochure