30° Angle Countersink Gage (Capacity .360"-.560")

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Countersink Gage, 30 Angle, .360"-.560" Capacity

Use the countersink gage to measure the diameter of countersinks and chamfers directly in .002" or .05mm diameter increments. Use the gage only on parts having the same angle as stamped on the name plate on the back of the dial indicator. Countersinks or chamfers having angles less than that of the gage can also be measured without loss of accuracy.


The Countersink Gage is designed with one-hand operation in mind. Hold the gage between your thumb and middle finger and depress button on top of dial indicator with your index finger. You have now reset the gage and are ready to take a reading. Insert the conical Gaging Plunger into the countersink of part being measured by holding the gage by the knurled base. Press the base until it seats uniformly on the surface immediately surrounding the countersink of chamfer. The indicator now reads the exact size of the diameter of the countersink being measured. Lift the gage off the piece part. The dial indicator will continue to "hold" the reading.


The dial indicator reads directly in .002" or .05mm (on Metric reading Models) diameter increments on the continuous reading dial face. For finer resolution reading gages contact customer service.


The countersink gage is designed for one-hand re-setting and/or zeroing. After taking a reading, depress the button on top of the indicator to instantly reset the gage.


Use Setting Ring furnished with gage to periodically verify the setting and calibration of the gage. Press the gage into the Setting Ring The gage should read the size etched on the Setting Ringl. If it does not, loosen the bezel lock on side of the indicator and adjust the bezel to read size etched on Setting Ring. Tighten bezel lock.


The Countersink Gage requires little or no special care other than what one would give any precision instrument. All ground surfaces are of hardened tool steel and should be lightly sprayed with a rust preventative lubricant when not used over long periods of time. For special applications, greater resolution models, or solid carbide models, contact technical support.