Metrology Grade Self-Curing Casting Solution

Quick Casting – Zero Shrinkage

Physical Properties & Applications Light Blue Quicksetting Putty

Mix Time

30-45 Seconds

Working Time

2 Minutes

Setting Time

8-10 Minutes

Tear Strength

105 lbs/sq. Inch


50 (At 7 Minutes)

Reproduction Detail


How To Use

Product Information

Metrology Casting Material

Clone Any Part Quickly With Reprorubber®

Reprorubber® is an exotic metrology-grade rubber that self-cures in minutes. It creates a virtually perfect replica casting of internal and external forms. Reprorubber® is excellent for checking parts with optical comparators, is non-toxic, easy to use, never requires a release agent and is 100 times faster than RTV silicons.

Easily Make Impressions Of

  • All Metals
  • Non Metals
  • Paper or Cardboard Items
  • Wood, Marble, Etc.
  • All Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Ceramic And Glass Items

Product Features

  • Exotic Metrology-Grade Rubber - Self-Curing in Minutes
  • Virtually Perfect Replica Casting of Internal and External Forms
  • Non-Toxic - Easy To Use - 100 Times Faster Than RTV Silicones
  • No Release Agent is Ever Needed.
  • Excellent For Checking Parts With Optical Comparators!
  • Final Color - LIGHT BLUE.

Reprorubber® Brochure

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Request a Sample

Request a Sample

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