Leitech Thread Depth Gaging System

High Resolution Combi Models Now Available

Built-in micrometer eliminates calculation errors. Quicker and more accurate than previous methods.

Above: Standard Combi Thread Gage (.025"/0.5mm Resolution)


  • Features vernier scale built right into the gage body. This scale is accurate to a resolution of .005" (inch models) of 0,1mm (metric models).
  • Locking device allows user to insert gage into the part being examined, tighten the thumb screw, remove gage and read at users convenience.

Locking Device for Remote Readings or Presetting.

Above: Hi-Resolution Combi: Direct Reading Vernier - 0,1mm increments



The gage can be user wherever a thread gage with depth steps is currently being utilized. It also eliminates the time consuming method of "counting turns" or using a vernier caliper depth scale - neither of which provide even a close indication of functional depth. The gage can also be provided with plain cylindrical members to check depths of drilled holes. 

Pipe threads, both NPT and NPTF, do not require members with the costly basic step ground in. In addition, 1 pitch lines on the NPT and the 4 step lines for the NPTF are incorporated on the sleeves as a standard feature giving the user total flexibility in usage, and reducing costs. A 6 step plain gage is also available. 


Gaging Procedure:

Gage use is similar to any good quality double ended gage. As the GO member is inserted into the hole, the spring-loaded telescoping sleeve recedes. This provides user with an accurate DEPTH READING GAGE. (NO GO member is used in conventional way.)


 Inch Reading Models
Specify - Class 2B or 3B
Standard Combi - .025" Grad
High Resolution Combi .005" Grad.
Metric Models
6H Tolerance
Standard Combi - 0,5mm Grad
High Resolution Combi 0-1mm Grad.




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