Flexbar Visorguard-LED™ with 12V rechargeable Battery Pack

SKU 13171

Protection with Productivity and Built-In Illumination


Down to Earth Features!

  1. Flexbar arm permits setting of Visorguard at the correct height and angle for each setup.
  2. Flip shield up to load part and down for machining.
  3. Special spring-loaded shaft makes shield stay put - no springback.
  4. Wing-shaped shield protects workers at adjacent machines.
  5. Flexbar locks rigid; has stainless air-craft grade tension cable.
  6. Can be installed in minutes on CNC mills, conventional milling machines and others.

Unique Built-in LED's provide super bright illumination

  • 10" long continuous LED strip puts out 6000K natural white light
  • 170° beam angle, Auto-Diffuse with no LED light hot spots
  • Water and coolant resistant
  • System can be powered by 12V 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack with on/off switch providing 4 hours of light per charge (Model No. 13171), or by a 12V direct wire wall transformer with on/off switch - 8ft. cable (Model No. 13170).


  • Shield size - 16" wide x 8" high.
  • Flexbar Arm - 10" long.
  • Mounting - 1.62" Center to center hole pattern.
Product Details

Model No. 13171 -Visorguard-LED™ with 12V rechargeable battery pack, jumper cable and 12V charger/wall transformer