Vision Gauge VG-500 Field of View Measurement System

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VISION GAUGE VG-500...a turnkey video inspection and measurement system featuring the power of VISION GAUGE. Ideal for the inspection and measurement of small parts and features within the field of view.

The VG-500 System comes complete with High Resolution USB Camera and Vision Gauge VG-200 Software including set up scale.

System Features
  • Precision machined aluminum alloy Z-column and open-frame base for optional bottom lighting
  • Micro-zoom lens with detents
  • Micro-Zoom Detent Lens yields 35x to 220x with auxiliary lenses. Can increase and decrease from 15x to 400x in seconds.
  • Adjustable lens mount dovetail with fine adjustor bracket.
  • Tooling holes on stage plate for fixturing
  • High resolution S-video color CCD camera
  • Adjustable fiber optic top lighting (bottom lighting optional) with 150w light source
Software Features
  • Superb color image
  • High accuracy measurements with sub pixel edge detection within the field of view
  • Overlay imaging capabilities (Go/NoGo Gaging)
  • Image capture-annotation and instant e-mail
  • Built-in report generation with statistics
  • Supports full screen live video mode
  • Built-in Focus Meter
  • Supports multiple formats: bmp, jpg, tga
  • Easy to use Windows operation
  • Integrates with any Pentium-based IBM compatible computer