Flexbar 150W Halogen Lightsource

SKU 18-12720

The New and Improved Flexbar Lightsource.


The deluxe 150 watt LITESOURCE - a bright, cool fiber optic light supply using Quartz Halogen lamps, with solid state components, variable intensity, control and built-in carrying handle. Ideal for all industrial and laboratory use. Our Model 18-12720 is designed for microscope and borescope illumination without creating the dark spot shadow effect. High efficiency cooling fan is whisper quiet and designed to prolong bulb life. At 90% of full intensity, bulb life increases 50 to 100 hours. Color temperature is 3,450°K with a lamp radiance of 4,500 Lumens. USE WITH FLEXBAR FIBER-OPTIC LITE-PIPES or ANNULAR RINGLITE.

Technical Data

Lamp: 150W quartz halogen, 21V EKE

Voltages: 115 VAC, 200W, 50/60 Hz or 230 VAC, 200W, 50/60 Hz (Set at factory)

Lamp Life: 200-10,000 hours, depending on intensity

Fuse: 115 VAC: 3 Am, 250V, 3A slow blow, 5x20 mm 230 VAC: 2 Am, 250V, 2A slow blow, 5x20 mm

Color Temperature: 3100-3400 degrees Kelvin depending on lamp used

Safety Approvals: 115 VAC-UL & C-UL, 230 VAC-CE

Dimensions: 8 in. L x 7 in. W x 7 in. H

Weight: 7 lbs (3.6 kg.)

Max. Housing Temp.: 15 degrees above ambient

Fiber Optic Connection: The Litesource illuminator uses a B-type fiber optic nosepiece with a 0.585 in. (15mm) ID.