Our products range from widefield cameras on a stand to precision CNC XYZ Staging to perform any of your inspection needs.


Our systems range from field of view to CNC run programs to crosshair video overlay or video edge detection.


Flexbar supplies any magnification from 4X to 1000X and beyond. Auto focus is also available on some models.

Featured Upgrades

Digital Camera Upgrade

  • Doubles analog resolution
  • 23" widescreen monitor
  • Onscreen camera adjustments
  • Multiline color crosshair generator
  • Image capture / archive & adjustment
  • For QCZ - 2000 & 3000 systems
  • Model # 18-CAM-UP

Heidenhain 5000 Upgrade

  • PC Only - must swap cards
  • Windows 10, 64 bit system
  • For UFX-5100 to UFX-5310 machines
  • Model # 18-5000SYSCON

Digital Readout to PC Upgrade

  • PC/touchscreen & Metlogix Software
  • Video probe tool box
  • Hi-res usb camera
  • Partview construction and tolerancing
  • Report generator - PC controlled illumination
  • Part program & playback
  • Ask about PC option pack for field of view (model # 18-DXF-FOV-UP)
  • Model # 18-DRO-PC-UP

Vision Gauge Upgrade

  • New PC Windows 10, 64 bit OS
  • All new cards with plug and play
  • Hi-Res digital USB Camera
  • Model # 18-SYSCON-UFX-1000

Accessory Upgrades

Twin Arm Upgrade

  • Twin vesa mount arm upgrade for DRO and monitor, or dual monitors
  • Z Pillar must have drilled holes
  • Omni directional + ambidextrous
  • Model # 18-TWINARMUP

LED Box to Fiberoptic Upgrade

  • LED light source
  • Direct replacement for halogen light source
  • No more changing bulbs
  • Higher luminence
  • Model # 12360

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Flexbar offers a line of hand-held optical inspection scopes, hand-held and stereo microscopes as well as our expanded line of video inspection and measurement systems covering a wide range of industry applications including Aerospace, Automotive Electronics, Fiberoptics, Medical Manufacturing, Plastics, Stamping and much more.

Flexbar also offers free part application analysis. Simply fill out our application solver form and our engineer will get back to you shortly.

Optiflex MLX-2000
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Optiflex MLX-2000

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