Flexbar Fiberoptic Microborescopes (1mm & 2mm)

SKU 18955

Provide High Resolution Image Of Critical Components Through Very Small Access Holes: Semi-Rigid & Flexible Models from .039" dia. to .078" dia.


This Semi-Rigid Microborescope was designed to be a portable, rugged inspection device capable of producing a high resolution image of critical components through access holes as small as 1.0mm or .039". With intense fiber optic illumination and a crisp image delivered by high resolution quartz optical fiber, this microborescope is able to handle a host of inspection requirements where limited access is a constraint. Unlike standard lens-type borescopes, this borescope will tolerate moderate shaft deflection due to its fiberoptic construction. Includes portable light handle, and heavy-duty carrying case.

  • Shaft Outside Dia.: .039" or .078".
  • Shaft Deflection: ±15° (semi-rigid)
  • Field of View: 50º Standard, 70º Available.
  • Depth of Field: .118" to 2.0".

10X Mag. Eyepiece.

ACMI Light Guide Connector.