Off-The-Post Jumbo "In-Line" Fine Adjustor Model Flexbar®

SKU 19080

The fine adjustment assembly is actuated by a very smooth micro-screw thumb adjustor making the Flexbar ideal for high precision indicating applications. 
  • Instruments held by Flexbar® do not drift
  • Instant positioning  - instant locking
  • Post Clamp (Clevis) fits ½" dia. post
  • Holds payload up to 5 lbs. or more
  • Accurate tool and instrument positioner
  • Fine adjustor end holds AGD dial indicators with ⅜" stems (8mm bushing adapter included) and test indicators with dovetail fitting.
 *On/Off Mag. Base: 4 11/16" x 2⅜" x 2" (180lbs. pull)