Pocket Surf Vee Adapter

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Hard-to-reach surfaces, such as crankshaft journals and pin surfaces between throws, can be easily checked by a Pocket Surf Portable Surface Roughness Gage equipped with the optional Vee Adaptor - without having to fixture the workpiece or the gage. With the Vee Adaptor, the gage can be applied directly to the workpiece for measurement of cylindrical or tapered surfaces down to 1"/25mm in length. Workpiece surface measurements can even be taken right in a machine tool.

The Vee Adaptor is easily attached, via a captive screw, to the bottom of the Pocket Surf housing, and can just as easily be removed to use the gage for other surface measurement applications. With the Vee Adaptor, the gaging probe can be in either the 90° or 270° position, whichever is more convenient.

With any of the three interchangeable vee's the Adaptor provides a secure seat for the measurement. When the operator holds the vee onto the surface to be measured, the probe stylus is automatically positioned in its proper measuring attitude to the surface. The gage is then cycled for a fast, accurate surface roughness measurement.