Flexible Single Vinyl Lite-Pipes™

SKU 12774

For Use With Flexbar Litesources

Use fiber-optic LITE-PIPES™ to solve your lighting problems. Get a BRIGHT beam of COLD light into inaccessible locations.


Flexible or Stayset, Single or Bifurcated, Vinyl or Metal Covered ... Use them in the lab, shop or field ... wherever you need to add a flexible, pencil sized beam of cold, bright light. Used with our variable intensity, quartz-halogen Litesource™, you can light microscopes, machine tools (even under oil), borescopes, and deep bores. You can even use them to light up dark, inaccessible locations on tools, dies or piece parts you want to inspect. All styles have stainless steel end ferrules.


Easy to clean vinyl cover is over a crush resistant, fiber protecting, steel monocoil. Must be held firmly in position. Has smallest O.D. for comparable size bundle and can be bent to smallest radius of curvature compared to other types. Good for use in temperatures up to 225°F.


Available in diameters  1/16, ⅛, ¼.

Lengths in 2ft. and 4ft.