Digital Multi-Gage Kits

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Flexbar Digital Multi-Gage Basic or Extra-Long Kit

A Multi-Function, Precision Measuring Instrument with Virtually Unlimited Application Adaptability


The Flexbar Digital Multi-Gage System provides  highly effective and economical solution for a myriad of measurement applications. 

The Flexbar Multi-Gage utilizes a Preisser DIGI-MET electronic scale featuring Sylvac Direct RS-232 Output. Using a high accuracy capacitive sensor, DIGI-MET PLUS gages can be connected to any computer, data collector or printer without an interface.



  • General I.D. & O.D. Measurements.
  • Thread Pitch diameter, I.D. or O.D.
  • Grooves and Recesses.
  • (with Brew-Tech System ).
  • Center-to-Center.
  • Tapers, Chamfers.
  • Deep Measurements.
  • Many other applications.


  • Large, high contrast LCD display.
  • PRESET function.
  • Freeze hold feature.
  • DIGI-MET electronic functions.
  • Low drain lithium battery (2-3 yr life).
  • Scale accuracy to DIN 862.
  • ON/OFF feature.
  • Optoelectronic cable available for direct RS-232 output


  • Resolution: .0005" (.01mm).
  • Direct inch/metric conversion.
  • Accuracy: .001" (.02mm).
  • Measuring/tracking speed: 60"/sec.
  • Repeatability: 1 digit
  • LCD display indicated in/mm, hold, PRESET and zero functions.
  • Completely hardened throughout stainless steel construction.
  • Hold feature freezes display for later viewing -perfect for hard to reach measurements.

Any Flexbar System Precision Indicator Gage Balls can be affixed in-line for center to center measurements. They can also be attached horizontally for other measurement applications.

Using optional mounts for the Brew-Tech™ Adjustable Thread Gage System, the FLEXBAR DIGITAL MULTI-GAGE simplifies the measuring process for outside and inside threads.



Flexbar Digital Multi-Gage Basic Kit No. 19230 and No. 19230-L Includes:

  • Multi-Gage
  • Combination Tapered/Flat Tips
  • Pair of Extension Tips
  • Floating Locator Pins
  • Pair of Cone Tips
  • Pointed Groove Measuring Tips
  • Pair of 1¼" Dia. Gage Balls
  • Durable Molded Plastic Case

Basic Kit:

  • 0-11½" Outside Measurement
  • 1¹³/₁₆" to 13½" Inside Measurement

Extra-Long Kit:

  • 0-23" Outside Measurement
  • 1¹³/₁₆" to 25½" Inside Measurement

* Above ranges may vary nominally according to accessories used and applications.

Calibration Certificate not included.


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