18 Piece Angle Gage Set

SKU 18187

18 individual gages for easy use in vinyl pouch.

Manufactured from stainless steel, satin finished.

  • Eight gaging surfaces per gage.
  • Precision finished edges for accurate checking.
  • Each gage checks primary, 1/2 primary and complementary angles.
  • Sharp cornered workpieces can be checked at all 8 angles except below 50° on primary angle 2.
  • Quick and accurate inspection of angles and I.D. or O.D. chamfers - in or out of the machine.
  • Positioning of lathe tools for chamfers.
  • Inspecting angles on ground form tools & cutters.
  • Fast set-ups and fixturing of workpieces.
  • Eliminates time consuming measuring set-ups.
  • Indispensible for every inspector, tool maker, machinist, layout - and draftsman.