Flexbar Helical Lead Screw Covers

Increase operator safety by covering lead screws, rods, and die posts.

Flexbar Lead Screw Covers serve two very important functions. First, as a safety barrier to seal off pinch points and other hazards to prevent operator injury. Second, as maximum protection of your Lead Screws, rods, and shafts from chips and other destructive elements. 

These covers surround and protect critical cylindrical mechanisms: their overlapping coils seal out the contaminants while wiping away dirt and debris with each thrust. The spring action holds the unit in place as it expands and compresses between two parallel surfaces. Simple flanges may be used to position the cover, which is normally installed over the end of a rod, shaft, or screw assembly. However, "open wound" models are available to be wound onto the rod, shaft, or screw without the necessity of partially disassembling the host machine.

Above diagram for informational purposes.

Actual covers may vary.

Lead Screw Covers are custom manufactured and require a specific quotation for each unit. You can request a Lead Screw Cover Requirements Form from our Customer Service department or download it from our website. It's easy to fill out and we'll reply as soon as possible with a quotation. If you have any questions or need assistance in filling out the form, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist. 

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Please visit our website for a Quote Form or contact Flexbar Customer Service for assistance. 


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