Lano Lube Box of 12 Tubes

SKU: 11153
Multi-Purpose Pure lanolin AAA quality, USP.

Moisture free, stops rust, always clean, no odor and anti-seize properties.

Lano-Lube protects valuable gage libraries better than any other coating. It is also an excellent lubricant, making gage entry easy. The coating is dimensionally minuscule so that gaging accuracy is never sacrificed.

Simple to Use:
Coat the gage or component completely, then wipe off the excess using a soft cloth. No matter how hard you wipe, a thin monolithic coating will still cling to the surface resulting in an invisible and impenetrable shield against moisture and against acid from the fingers of the technician's hands.

Lano-Lube is 100% pure anhydrous lanolin, AAA grade. There are no additives; no other chemicals or solvents. It does not contain water and does not absorb water. It does not evaporate.

Uses include: inspection, gaging, drilling centers, turning, tapping
Price: $94.50
Lano Lube Box of 12 Tubes
Lano Lube Box of 12 Tubes
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